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AS THE DEEP STATE WHISTLE BLOWS.. - Patriots In Tune Show - #MAGAMusic #464 - 10/5/2021

October 5, 2021

TuneIn2InTune on the Patriots In Tune Show with @TootsSweet & @JewelsJones1 For The 1st Hour Segment Of BREAKING NEWS. We will cover breaking news stories and also follow up on existing stories.

Joining us for the 2nd hour is musical guest, WILLIAM JAY BANWELL. William is the founding member of PURPLE LOOK PLAY.


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Purple Look Play's new album is a collection of vibrantly written songs that relives the glorious days of the 50s. Each song provides a unique feeling that matches the taste of anyone looking for a music that is easy to resonate with. Every era can be defined by the energy of the songs that were frequently played at the time. And it is easy to recognize through this album that the energy of the 50s is greatly different from that encountered today. It's lively and much more engaging which makes the era worth revisiting for those lucky folks who once lived in it, and worth exploring for those who can't find the perfect music that can capture their taste in today's time.

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