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PATRIOTS IN TUNE #406: ROBBY STARBUCK #TN5 Congressional Candidate 7/12/2021

July 13, 2021

#TuneIn2InTune on #PatriotsInTune w/TOOTS SWEET & JEWELS JONES w/special guest ROBBY STARBUCK #TN5 Congressional Candidate.

Robby was first known as a filmmaker, directing Oscar winning actors and some of the biggest music stars in the world but his family’s experience of fleeing Marxism in Cuba has always been his fuel to achieve the American Dream. Once he saw that Marxism had come to threaten America with the rise of the socialist far left, he knew he had to stand up and run for office so that he could do his part to ensure America would always be a free country where the American Dream was possible. He owns a production company where he has overseen more than 1,500 workers, he has experience running a staff and dealing with how to get things done while working with people who always think they’re right… Skills that’ll help in Congress! 

Robby sees being a father & husband as his greatest blessings in life. He’s lucky enough to work alongside his wife Landon who he’s been married to for nearly 14 years. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Robby & Landon have 3 kids, a great dane and a cat. Together they’ve been foster parents to dozens of dogs who’ve needed a home after being rescued until they found their forever homes. Landon has been on the board for the Valley Women’s Shelter, Robby is on the board for Tennessee Stands, a group fighting to ensure the rights of Tennesseans are not trampled on by the government and together they support multiple organizations who fight human trafficking.  Together Robby, his wife and his children all organized a TN 9/11 memorial event in 2020. 

Robby has been a consistent voice in media pushing against the policies and tactics of radical Marxists who’ve risen up on the far left, appearing on Fox Business, the Candace Owens show, ABC radio, SiriusXM, Newsmax, OANN and many more. 

Director and Producer • Free Thinker • Prod. Co. Owner • Running for Congress #TN5 • Proud Dad • Married to
@imatriarch • Cuban American • Host @GrowUpLive

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