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PROFESSOR DAVID K. CLEMENTS - CLASS IS IN SESSION - Patriots In Tune Show - #466- 10/7/2021

October 7, 2021

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« CLASS IS IN SESSION πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« WITH PROFESSOR DAVID K. CLEMENTS/@TheProfessorsRecord w/your hosts 🍭 @TootsSweet (gab) & The Lovely πŸ’Ž@JewelsJones1 On The @PatriotsInTune Show.

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PROFESSOR DAVID K. CLEMENTS is former prosecutor and practicing law professor. He's been a Libertarian most of his adult life. Did NOT vote for Pres. Trump in 2016; however, he watched and came to realize Promises Made, Promises Kept and he liked what he saw. David became a huge Trump supporter and w/o reservation voted for him in 2020. After Jan. 6th, the President of his university sent out a letter to staff and w/o giving it all away, David stood up stating truth not knowing what might happen to him or his job. He's studied, exhaustively, the election fraud and is a hero. He's a quiet citizen in the state of New Mexico who has given voice to many people.

Professor Clements earned his juris doctorate over a decade ago. He teaches business law, consumer protection, and entertainment law at New Mexico State University. His teaching style draws heavily from his experience as a seasoned trial attorney, where he tried over 120 cases to a jury and dozens more to a judge. His experience ranges from municipal defense in civil litigation, to prosecution of 1st-degree murder and other high-profile felony cases. When Professor Clements is not serving the needs of his students, he maintains his ties to the legal profession as an of-counsel attorney. His academic and research interests include free speech in the work-place, critical race theory, S.L.A.P.P lawsuits, and the legal aspects of propaganda in the entertainment industry.


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